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Cailean Payroll is part of Cailean Group Business Services.

For over fifteen years, Cailean Group Business Services has helped small businesses in Arizona and around the country reach their business goals and achieve success.

We provide a variety of business services, as incorporation, accounting, payroll, tax preparation, marketing & training to small business in a variety of industries.

Let us process your payroll and you will get the highest quality service, the best price to value and access to our resources and our experienced team of professionals. Our payroll processing is done locally in Peoria, Arizona.

You can call us directly or stop by anytime.

We have dedicated account managers to take care of you and your company personally.

We offer a FREE consultation with a payroll specialist to figure out what kind of processing is most efficient and effective for you. We provide a complete payroll processing package where we take care of everything for you. We offer the easiest and simplest to use system in the industry. You can process online, on the App, by fax, by phone or in person.

We take care of all the checks, direct deposits, garnishments, 1099 payouts, tax payments, form filings and everything else that you require.

You will not find an easier system to use or a better value.

Payroll Full Service

Payroll Processing, Tax and Forms, W2, 1099, S-Corp Payroll

Human Resources

HR Management portal, E-verify, Background Checks and more

Workers Comp

Workers' Comp paid per payroll cycle. Save money!

Personal Support

Personal Payroll Specialist assigned to each customer.

Free Consultation! Contact us to start your payroll!

Choose the right payroll company for your business.

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