Strategic Modules

Employee Engagement Analysis and Recommendations  
Studies show that only 32% of U.S. workers are engaged. Your HR Advisor will help you conduct an employee survey and provide recommendations to increase engagement among your workforce. 

Staffing and Hiring Planning 

Mammoth will review your current staffing level plans and concerns, and provide recommendations on how to best manage your recruiting and hiring strategies.
Termination, Retention, and Turnover Analysis
Mammoth will help you identify opportunities for improving your employee lifecycle management through analysis, implementation, and refinements.

Succession Planning 
We’ll help you identify formal and informal leaders in your organization and advise methods for how to develop them for key positions as leadership roles become available.

HR Vendor Selection Management Services
Vendor selection and management can be a full-time job. We’ll help you with the legwork to identify which vendors may be right for you, and which to avoid.

Executive and Management Coaching
We’ll help you maximize your professional potential by working on areas of work performance you’ve identified for improvement. We’ll help you to define your specific goals, identify solutions and strategies, encourage self-discovery, build leadership skills, and help you stay focused on your objectives.

Employee Recognition Program Development
Recognizing employees for great work is a proven way to increase employee engagement and productivity. We’ll work with you to develop a recognition program that highlights your employee appreciation.

High Potential Employee Development and Training
Knowing who your best employees are can be critical to the success of your organization. Your HR Advisor will help you identify your high performers and advise on ways to retain your top talent.

Best Place to Work Strategy and Workplace Awards
We’ll work with you to identify which awards may be right for you and how to prepare for and participate in award surveys and submissions. Perfect for organizations who want to increase their brand and be recognized as an employer of choice.

Organizational Culture Development 
Mammoth will work with you and your team to help you identify your unique mission and core values. Then, we’ll help you maximize your culture and provide best practices for your organization. We’ll also advise on how best to communicate the values to your employees, ensuring everyone is ready to live them in their daily activities.

Compliance Checkup and Calendar 
Being HR compliant is an important step to safeguard your organization. We’ll review your current employee documentation and other processes to make sure your bases are covered.

Standard Operating Procedures (non-safety) Creation and Maintenance 
We’ll help you identify all the crucial information and organizational knowledge that doesn’t belong in your handbook, but is just as valuable. Most companies collect vital business operational information in various documents, memos and emails, and streamlining this information into one central document will make your operations more efficient.

Wage & Hour Guidance 
Compliant wage practices are your best defense against an investigation or audit. We’ll help you comply with all the federal and state wage and hour rules that may apply to you. We’ll take it a step further and help you identify and maintain a compensation philosophy; and make sure we identify potential concerns, like wage compression or inequality.


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